Ryuto Shibazaki

Novelist, Scriptwriter, and Concept Planner

Born in Tokyo, 25th October 1976.
Graduate of Keio University, Economics Major

In 2004, Ryuto Shibazaki made his debut, winning the 11th Mita Literary Award for his first work, "Champagne Cadillac".

In 2007, he wrote his first movie script for "Miraiyosouzu", which was originally a popular pop song created by the DREAMS COME TRUE.
In addition to his writing career, he has been participating as a concept planner for branding fragrances and cosmetics.

In 2010, he has transferred to Amuse Inc. changing his artist name to Ryuto Shibazaki.
Currently, he continues to expand his activities across various platforms.

novels and scripts


『The Kurusus』(serialized novel / Morinaga Milk Industry., LTD [Creep] HP)
『My Pocket Annex』(serialized novel / [Da Vinchi])
『Quick guide in giving the best kiss (novel)』(serialized novel / newscafe)
『Quick guide in giving the best kiss(manual)』(serialized novel / newscafe)
『Quick guide in giving the best kiss / My Pocket Annex 』(book / MEDIA FACTORY, INC.)


『k. and her missing globe』(A Literary Magazine MITA BUNGAKU 2008 Autumn)
『His little umbrella』(serialized novel / RECRUIT CO, LTD [Zexy] HP)
『A Spoonful of seasons』(serialized novel / JAPAN NURSING FEDERATION information magazine for members [infini] )
『Moon where the white tigers cry』(stage script / at KAMEARI LIRIO HALL)
『Amsterdam』(serialized novel / RECRUIT CO, LTD [L25 Mobile])
『Amsterdam』(book / MEDIA FACTORY, INC)


『Miraiyosouzu』(script / Shochiku Movie, starring actor ; Nao Matsushita and Terunosuke Takezai)
『Miraiyosouzu』(book / MEDIA FACTORY, INC)
『Miraiyosouzu, Asuka's story』(serialized novel / DWANGO CO. , LTD HP)
『Shibuya 2.2 Avenue』(Japanese Only) (serialized novel / ecLig HP / collaboration with a photographer, Michiko Sato)
『Iwashimizu Rock』(novel / collaboration with ecLig and an actor, Tadanobu Asano)


『Honolulu da go go!』(serialized novel / menstrend HP)


『Openends』(A Literary Magazine MITA BUNGAKU 2005 Summer)


『Dancing Pineapple』(A Literary Magazine MITA BUNGAKU 2004 Summer)
『Champagne Cadillac』(A Literary Magazine MITA BUNGAKU 2004 Spring / the 11th Mita Literary Award)

Concept Work

Korres Natural Products

Made the concept of Korres Natural Products matched with Japanese market as the coming over to Japan.

Deoxee Skin Care

Made the branding concept and products concept.


Made many concepts of fragrances. They have been spreading more than 30 countries around the world.